Your Questions, Answered


I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle before – will that be a problem?

Our motorcycle sidecars are perfect for first-time riders, either sitting pillion (behind the driver) or in the sidecar. The sidecar gives a motorbike more stability than a traditional two-wheel motorcycle. Our drivers will show you what to do and assist you with fitting your helmet and taking a seat. We want you to enjoy your motorcycling experience, so we travel at an easy pace.

How experienced is the driver who I will be travelling with?

All of our drivers have extensive motorcycling experience. They are trained and hold relevant licences and authorities.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, helmets are required to be worn by law in Australia. We supply helmets with popular sizes.

I’m quite tall/large – will I fit on the sidecar or motorbike?

If you’ve got any concerns about your suitability to ride with us, please give us a call to discuss this – we’re able to accommodate most people’s requirements.

Can I bring along my child?

Yes, provided the child is 8 years of age or older and wears an approved properly fitting helmet. A pillion passenger must be able to reach the motorcycle passenger footrests with his or her feet while seated and sit safely on the pillion seat.

Can I take my pet?

No, we are unable to provide facilities that make transporting pets safe for both the pet and people on board.

Can I specify where I want to ride – pillion or sidecar?

We will meet your request where we can; however, we have to ensure that a motorcycle sidecar is safe to operate, balanced and not overloaded. Talk it over with your driver on the day.

Can you arrange bookings for lunch, transport after the ride concludes, or a picnic lunch?

  • We can make meal reservations for you at most venues.

  • Pre and post ride transport services are subject to availability. However, we can make arrangements for you where these services are available.

  • Our motorcycle sidecars have space to carry a picnic lunch. Alternatively, we can arrange for a picnic to be supplied if given sufficient notice and subject to availability.

  • Talk to us about what you would like to do and we will do our best to provide that.

Is there room on the motorcycles for me to stow a small back-pack or camera bag?

Yes - our motorcycle sidecars have storage spaces for small items.

Can we stop and take photos along the way?

Yes – after all this is your experience. Talk to your driver about what you want. Ask your driver to take a photograph of you if you like. The driver will stop in locations that are safe.

What if it rains during the tour?

Motorcycling is an outdoors activity and some rain can be encountered. We carry wet weather gear to help you stay dry. Please note that you can still become wet even when wearing wet weather gear – rain just seems to find its way in when motorcycling.

What sort of clothing should I wear?

You will be in the outdoors for extended periods on our rides. Wear clothing that gives you wind and sun protection. Gloves and a warm jacket or similar are recommended in cool and cold weather. There is a wind chill effect with motorcycling.

Do you take group bookings?

Yes. We have two motorcycle sidecar combinations capable of carrying up to four passengers in total. Additional motorcycle sidecar combinations, motorcycles and cars can be sourced. Talk to us about your needs.

I just want a motorcycle – can the sidecar be detached?

Separating a motorcycle from its sidecar can be done, but not easily. We prefer to keep our motorcycle sidecars together. However, we do have access to motorcycles and can arrange a motorcycle pillion passenger ride for you. Contact us and see what we can do.

What happens in the event of wet weather?

  • We will contact you to discuss proceeding with an event if inclement weather is likely to affect it. Motorcycling is an outdoors activity and some rain can be encountered.

  • We will try to reschedule an event if it unsafe to commence it due to inclement weather. Please see Refunds for further detail.

What happens if I have to cancel for any reason?

Please see Refunds for detail.

What insurances do you have?

Topp Adventures is an accredited operator for motorcycle tourist services with an Accredited Operator Number of Q900523719. All machines are covered by compulsory third party insurance and the firm holds public liability insurance.

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