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What Drives Us

Stuart enjoys sharing his motorcycling experiences and formed Topp Adventures as an extension of this. Motorcycle sidecars are, today, a unique form of transport; linking back to a transport means popular in the early and mid-parts of the twentieth century. We at Topp Adventures offer the general public opportunities to explore the Sunshine Coast, northern Moreton Bay and Brisbane in a distinctive way.


Our Motorcycle Sidecars and Experienced Drivers

Our primary motorcycle sidecar is The Chief, an Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle fitted with a DMC Tomahawk SE Sidecar. Reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s era of motorcycling, this modern motorcycle sidecar offers style and comfort. 

The King supports our operations.  It is a Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle fitted with an SRK Sportz Sidecar. Its gleaming chrome and black paint give the King a regal look with a hint of "attitude".

Both of these motorcycle sidecars are classic examples of two iconic American motorcycle brands.

You can hire either or both of them. Each motorcycle sidecar is supplied with an experienced driver and helmets, and can carry two passengers, i.e. a pillion passenger and a sidecar passenger.


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