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What Drives Us

Stuart enjoys sharing his motorcycling experiences and formed Topp Adventures as an extension of this.
Riding a motorcycle excites the senses as you are in direct contact with the environment. 
Motorcycle sidecars are, today, a unique form of transport; linking back to a transport means popular in the early and mid-parts of the twentieth century.
We at Topp Adventures offer the general public opportunities to explore the Sunshine Coast, northern Moreton Bay and Brisbane in a distinctive way.


Our Motorcycle & Sidecar

The Rocket is a Triumph Rocket III motorcycle.  Triumph is an old British motorcyle brand with the Rocket III having its roots in models from the 1960s and early1970s. It is a true muscle machine with power to spare while offering a very comfortable ride for its passenger.
Our motorcycle sidecar is the Chief, an Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle fitted with a DMC Tomahawk SE Sidecar. Reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s era of motorcycling, this modern motorcycle sidecar offers style and comfort. The Chief can carry two passengers, i.e. a pillion passenger and a sidecar passenger.

The Rocket